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Port points way to a circular future


Plans are progressing for a new micro-refinery at a Belgian port that can produce new fuels from ship waste.

French company Ecoslops is advancing the new micro refinery project in the Port of Antwerp. The company’s technology can sustainably convert ‘ship-generated hydrocarbon residues (or “slops”)’ into new fuels – the slop is usually incinerated.

With a capacity to treat 60,000 tonnes plus per year, the unit could upgrade slop collected from ports in the ARA zone (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp).

“Ecoslops enrolls itself in the commitment we have towards the values of the circular economy. The new micro-refinery unit is a next stepping stone for the sustainable vision we have for the port, and is thus a win for several parties,” said Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of the Antwerp Port Authority.

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