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Plant-based food is taking off

Air New Zealand is serving passengers the popular plant-based burger from Impossible Food on its LA to Auckland flights.

The meat alternative from Silicon Valley proved a big hit with world leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos earlier this year, as the plant-based food market continues to live up to its billing of being the big trend for 2018. Using 75% less water and creating 87% fewer greenhouse gases than meat burgers, the Impossible Burger is good news for the environment.

“Like Impossible Foods, we are committed to offering our customers a fresh and innovative approach to cuisine. We’re incredibly excited about this partnership and the opportunity to offer our Business Premier customers travelling from Los Angeles to Auckland a delicious plant-based option that tastes just like the real deal,” said Niki Chave, Air New Zealand’s Inflight Customer Experience Manager “We’re confident that vegetarians, flexitarians and dedicated meat lovers alike will enjoy the delicious taste of the Impossible Burger.”

Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute , said innovators can make money and save the world in the plant-based food and clean market – we’ll have more from Bruce on this in our upcoming biotech special.

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