|24 August 2016|


Plans for an innovative hydro energy scheme on a Scottish island could generate enough power for more than 200,000 homes.

The proposed installation for a large pumped storage hydro (PSH) scheme on the Isle of Lewis would produce 300MW of electricity.

The PSH scheme will store electricity, principally generated by windfarms on Lewis. It will  increase significantly (from 40% to 80%) the use of the Western Isles Link, the cable being installed by the National Grid to export and import electricity generated from renewable energy sources on the islands.

Nick Oppenheim of Eishken Limited said: “There are very few PSH schemes throughout the UK and what we are proposing is particularly innovative given the use of the sea as the lower reservoir.  This scheme will not only materially enhance the benefits to be derived from the Western Isles link but will make a material difference in the supply of energy to the mainland. It will also be a key element in the Scotland’s renewable energy armoury.”

The innovative technology employed will extract water from – and return it to – the sea meaning a much lower environmental impact than would be caused by creating a second reservoir.

“Although using the sea as the lower reservoir is new to the UK, the technology is proven in Asia”, said Nick.

Eishken Ltd is expected to seek consent for the scheme later this year.