An experienced team of engineers and designers is calling for a ‘community of enthusiasts‘ to help it develop an innovative cargo drone.

The Sky Hopper® is an electrically powered unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV) designed to service isolated locations as well as areas in need of ‘rapid delivery logistics’. The 100Kg plus industrial drones will be built in Prestwick, in the west of Scotland, with the avionics developed in Hampshire, England.

“Taking a step upwards to an industrial vehicle demands that we innovate across all our disciplines,” says Dr Richard Brown, the project’s aerodynamicist. “We plan to build a series of demonstrators, resolving structural, power and flight control needs. We have some of the best skills available, and we are a small agile team.”

And after financing the project from personal contributions the team is now seeking public backing to give “the little guys” a chance “to win”.

“The commercial potential for UAV operations is huge globally. We’re talking re-supply, infrastructure support and other as yet unanticipated logistical operations,” explained project lead Eben Wilson. “We’ve got to grasp the future and believe in our engineering expertise.”