|26 November 2015|

The Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) has opened a pioneering new hub in Glasgow today which will house some of the most advanced technology in the industry.

A unique open access facility for IBioIC members, the The Rapid Bioprocess Prototyping Centre (RBPC) will partner with Higher Education Institutions to quickly analyse and optimise processes around new synthetic strains in industrial biotechnology processes.

IBioIC CEO Roger Kilburn told Innovators:“Industrial Biotechnology is all about getting microbes to do chemistry for us on a large scale, this Centre will allow companies to rapidly home in on the microbes that do this chemistry best.”

The facility houses the most advanced technology available to rigorously assess the potential of new cell lines, bio-products and novel approaches to bioprocessing. The RBPC will be focused around the bioprocess stages up to an industrially compatible scale (15 litre STR reactors) which is entirely complementary to existing Centre’s such as the National Bioprocess Industries facility at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI).