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Switching to electric


One of the pioneers behind the historic Solar Impulse 2 flight over the Pacific aims to develop electric propulsion technologies for the aviation industry.

Solar Impulse’s Co-Founder André Borschberg is working on innovations designed to offer cleaner, safer and quieter technology through startup H55, the spin out company set up on the back of that epic solar-powered journey.

H55’s electric demonstrator aircraft, aEro1, has already clocked up 50 flying hours.

“Electric air transport will undoubtedly disrupt the aviation industry. Fifteen years ago, when I started with Solar Impulse, electric propulsion was anecdotal. Today is a major development path of every large aeronautical organisation as well as attracting many start-ups and new players. What is science fiction today will be the reality of tomorrow,” Andre Borschberg said.

The company says it will focus “on the entire propulsion chain starting from the energy source and its management, right through thrust and power, as well as pilot interface and all control systems”.



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