|23 September 2016|

A new fully compostable Nespresso compatible capsule has been launched by Percol Coffee Co.

Made from natural plant-based materials, the capsules can be completely broken down in just 12 weeks. A game-changer for an industry where only a handful of the 16 billions capsules currently sold annually are recycled. The more traditional aluminium and plastic capsules take up to 500 years to breakdown so this is great news for the environment.

Simon Lock, Sales Director at Percol Coffee, said: “We have been developing our compostable capsules for the last 18 months and the end result is absolutely fantastic. We wanted to address a huge problem around the damaging effect that standard capsules have on the environment and the sheer amount of aluminium being piled into landfill. It’s the only product to carry the EN 13432 certification!

“We created the Percol fully compostable coffee capsules to combat this problem. Consumers are being educated on the sustainability issues in the category and are continuing to be engaged.

“As a brand, we want to lead the ‘Pod Revolution’ and offer sustainable alternatives where possible. We truly believe this is the best tasting compatible product available and offers the added benefit of the least packaging per 10 capsules. You can fully recycle the whole box and the capsules will take just 12 weeks to fully compost. Less packaging, no landfill.”

For more information and to pick up a pack of the Percol fully compostable Nespresso compatible capsule visit www.percol.co.uk