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Pepsico joins recycling generation


The company behind some of the world’s most recognisable brands is taking steps to ensure it becomes a leader in sustainability.

Pepsico is involved in a range of initiatives to support its goal of making all packaging ‘recoverable or recyclable’ by the middle of the next decade. In July the household name announced its support for The Recycling Partnership. It will provide financial support to the body, which is making major inroads into the waste problem in America. To date 400 local communities have been given support and 115 million pounds of material has been collected.

“To meet our ambitious new goals on packaging waste and recovery, we need to find solutions that work at scale,” said Roberta Barbieri, Vice President, Global Water and Environmental Solutions at PepsiCo. “This starts with the design of our packaging, and PepsiCo is investing to ensure the materials we use are recoverable or recyclable. Beyond design, it is vital that we boost recycling rates in the United States, which remain too low. PepsiCo’s work with The Recycling Partnership will enable well-informed, collective investment in local recycling infrastructure and education, and drive real environmental benefits in our communities.”

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