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Pepper makes it personal


The robot designed to live with humans is set to become even friendlier thanks to face recognition technology.

There have been countless articles on these pages about the now iconic Pepper robot, developed by the SoftBank Robotics Group. Earlier this month we reported Pepper is welcoming Parisians to city hall.

And things are about to get even more human for the robot. The Group’s North American subsidiary SoftBank Robotics (SBR) is working with Ever AI – labelled the ‘world’s most advanced face recognition platform’ – to arm Pepper with enhanced people skills.

“There’s something incredibly welcoming and powerful about being greeted by name,” explained Steve Carlin, Chief Strategy Officer for SoftBank Robotics. “Ever AI’s platform will bring new levels of sophistication to Pepper’s interactions, to deliver not only vital information to customers, but tailored, personalized, messages that drive businesses’ bottom lines.”

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Robots welcome Parisians to city hall


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