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People would pay more for clean fuels

That’s one of the findings revealed in a new survey published by the leading renewable fuels company Neste.

Gauging Finish attitudes to flight-related emissions, respondents said they would happily pay up to 20% more to travel on planes using renewable fuel, with 80% also agreeing this fuel option was their preferred way for companies to reduce their environmental impact. In a news release, Neste said ‘depending on the fuel mix, renewable aviation fuel may reduce the flight’s greenhouse gas emissions up to 80 percent compared to fossil fuel’.

“The respondents appreciated renewable aviation fuel for its ability to reduce emissions in a concrete manner at their source. Therefore, the respondents preferred it over other means of compensating for flight-related emissions,” said Andreas Teir, Neste’s Vice President for Business Development in Renewable Products. “Renewable fuel will play an important role in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of aviation. However, regulation will have a strong impact on how quickly operators will switch from fossil fuels to renewable fuels. Therefore, it is important to increase people’s awareness of the benefits of renewable aviation fuels to ensure that regulation will soon begin to support the transition in aviation as it already does in road traffic.”

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