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Paris sets sights on circular future


Paris has set out a plan to advance the city’s circular economy. The 2017-2020 strategy lays out 15 actions the French capital can take to become a sustainability stronghold.

Unveiling the plan, Anne Hidalgo, the Mayor of Paris, called on Parisians to be innovative and find ways to reuse, repair or recycle items they would otherwise throw away. Businesses will also be given the opportunity to bid for more than a billion euros worth of sustainable public procurement contracts as part of the plans.

Political leaders in Paris are also going to take their vision to the European Parliament, and encourage politicians in Brussels to adopt circular design standards for public construction work.

Paris follows London in being the latest global city to make concrete plans for developing a robust circular economy. Planners in London say such a move could provide a net benefit of £7 billion annually by 2036.

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