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Paris fellowship welcomes startups

The world’s biggest startup campus is launching a fellowship initiative to help new ventures realise their potential.

Station F located in an old Paris train station, originally built in 1929, will open in the summer and looks set to become an important international hub for exciting new companies striving to implement their vision.

The fellowship is literally open to all. And what a spot to have a presence, Paris, one of the great capitals of the world. Culturally and economically vibrant, it is inextricably linked with passion. The very emotion which drives all startups to pursue their dreams.

A fellowship slot offers hot desk facilities five days a month in a space with a host of other benefits, including campus events, networking and unlimited wifi. The 34,000m2 facility, located at 55 boulevard Vincent Auriol in Paris, will be the perfect playground for a global community of aspiring game-changers.


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