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Packaging made from plants

|10 April 2017|

A pioneering company producing food packaging made from plant materials has picked up an award at the World Food Innovation Award 2017.

Parkside claimed top spot in the Best Sustainable category for its compostable pack at an event which attracted entrants from 29 countries.

Pete Ford, New Business Development Manager at Parkside, said: “Our customer, Next Step Foods Ltd., wanted to ensure that the natural benefits of its Yumpa product were fully reflected in the packaging used to wrap it. We worked together to deliver a solution that fully complied with the brief.

“Products such as the Yumpa bar, with its compostable packaging design, address an increasing desire from consumers who are seeking to purchase more environmentally friendly products. We are proud of this pack and what it offers to today’s food and drink market. Conventionally flexible packaging has not been recyclable and has therefore ended up in landfill or incineration post consumer use. With the compostable pack from Parkside, we now have a truly sustainable option for brands and retailers to minimise this issue.”

The awards was held at IFE in London last month.

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