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Taking the sustainable route

Global innovators working in logistics and transportation gathered for two major events in Barcelona last week.

We were media partners with the eDelivery Barcelona expo & congress, which ran alongside SILBARCELONA, the World Summit of International Trade and Supply Chain. Welcoming game changing startups and industry leaders from dozens of countries, the trade summit concluded with the signing of the Barcelona Declaration, which encompasses 10 manifestos, including an ‘absolute commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals‘.

Pere Navarro, Special Delegate of the State at the Consorci de la Zona Franca de Barcelona and President of SIL, said the declaration is a step towards a ‘more integrated, fair, inclusive, transparent, prosperous, innovative and sustainable world economy’.

Best eDelivery Barcelona Startup Award

Run in collaboration with La Salle Technova, the eDelivery startup award went to RePack, a pioneer in advancing solutions that help slash the ‘waste of packaging in electronic commerce’. It offers a reusable packaging service, allowing packages to be easily returned for reuse.

Save the date

The 22nd edition of SIL and the 4th edition of eDelivery Barcelona will take place on 9 – 11 June 2020 at Fira de Barcelona.

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