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Online support for cancer patients

Cancer patients can access medical advice from the world’s leading clinicians thanks to a new online platform.

Trustedoctor connects patients with experts specialising in their specific type of cancer. They can access advice by uploading their medical records to receive a consultation via video or messaging.

Greg Jarzabek, co-founder of Trustedoctor said: “Our experience with patients to date is that a cancer diagnosis often triggers a desire to find out as much as you can and have a sense of control that, too often, cancer takes away from you. Being able to inform yourself and find a doctor that has experience of your particular type of cancer can make all the difference. We want to remove the barriers of time, geography and fragmented information for patients and provide a platform for doctors to share knowledge and have built it as a social revenue model so that a proportion of all revenue goes directly to benefit patients in need.”

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