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New Academy paves way for innovation

Patents and Intellectual Property (IP) law are areas innovators often struggle to get to grips with.

To engender a greater understanding of topics critical to the chances of taking an innovation from idea to market, Global IP firm, PatSnap, has launched an online academy to make it easy for people to get up to speed on the key points. The PatSnap Academy offers simple learning tools and glossaries that enable individuals to journey through the terminology – and gather the facts they need – to make informed decisions.

“In 2017, there is estimated to be over US$2 trillion spent on R&D globally. Without the necessary basic understanding of how patents work, and how best to use them, a growing number of ideas will never make it to the development stage, let alone make it to market,” explained Duncan Clark, Head of PatSnap Academy.

“The encouragement of tomorrow’s most innovative minds begins with education, and the more confidently they can approach their IP strategy, the more likely we are as a society to benefit from their creativity. Our vision for PatSnap Academy is to strengthen our commitment to open innovation, and enlighten and embolden the next generation of innovators, so that they can be confident in pursuing their new ideas.”

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