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Ohio’s circular economy goes online

|11 April 2017|


Finding new uses for materials destined for landfill is one of the challenges facing those working to advance the circular economy.

One solution devised in the American midwestern state of Ohio is an online marketplace where stakeholders from business and government can buy and sell materials and products for reuse.

Launched this month by Ohio EPA Director Craig Butler the Ohio Materials Marketplace (OMM) is an innovative, free and easy to use online platform which is aimed at increasing recycling rates and boosting the circular economy.

“With statewide access to thousands of Ohio’s businesses, communities and other organizations, Ohio EPA’s Division of Environmental & Financial Assistance (DEFA) is well positioned to bring members together in this modern online marketplace. This new service positions Ohio as a leader in the circular economy, helping remove materials from the waste stream, promoting jobs and allowing for better efficiency and savings in the processes of creating goods and services,” Director Butler said.

The OMM is managed by the The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency with support from the US Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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