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Off-grid solutions a lifesaver

Off-grid renewable energy systems are connecting communities affected by natural disasters – and isolated areas worldwide – with power.

To provide support to communities in Puerto Rico decimated by Hurricane Maria, off-grid energy supplier Arensis is placing a  biomass-to-energy power unit in the City of Fajardo,

“We’ve all heard the reports that it will be many months before electricity is restored to Puerto Rico,” explained Arensis CEO, Julien Uhlig. “Though the government is currently rewiring the central electrical grid and working hard to have 90% of the island powered by December of this year, we are glad to support the desperately needed relief now and feel continued building of smart and efficient micro-grids is an important alternative to having only one source of energy on the island.”

Micro-grids are offering a lifeline to remote and island communities around the world. There are a number of innovative projects underway to utilise their use, including in Singapore, where they are seen as a solution for thousands of islands detached from the grid system; as well as for thousands of people living in rural Africa. A Swiss startup is also developing autonomous energy grid systems to power remote villages and towns.

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