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Ocean energy tech in the spotlight


Orkney in Scotland is home to some of the world’s most important developments in ocean energy technologies.

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is based on the island. And this week the European Commission were in town to see firsthand the pioneering projects being tested, including the Scotrenewables’ SR2000 turbine – the most powerful tidal turbine on the planet, which recently hit peak power.

“We currently have 13 EU-funded research projects taking place in Orkney, with €65 million levered by an array of European partners, so we were keen for the European Commission to see this innovation in action with their own eyes,” said Neil Kermode, Managing Director of EMEC.
“EMEC was created to kick-start a marine renewables industry, and harness the power of Europe’s enviable wave and tidal resources. To date we’ve seen more technologies tested at EMEC than anywhere else in the world which has stimulated economic development locally and across the UK, encouraged inward investment, and created export opportunities for Orkney’s experienced supply chain.”
The reception on Orkney’s Ocean Energy Day – part of EU Sustainable Energy Week – was hosted by EMEC and Ocean Energy Europe.
 Rémi Gruet, CEO of Ocean Energy Europe, added: “Europe leads the world in ocean energy technology development, and we’ve seen more proof of that today from the developers and their supply chain partners testing at EMEC. Support from EU and national governments has played a pivotal role in these successes, and helped leverage private finance into the sector. With continued support, ocean energy can become a new manufacturing industry based firmly in Europe.”

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