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Obama provides food for thought


The global food innovation summit – Seed&Chips – will take place in Milan next May.

Innovators Magazine is a proud media partner for the event again in 2018. To find out more, I caught up with Founder and Chairman, Marco Gualtieri.

What role does Seeds&Chips play in raising awareness of global issues?

Seeds&Chips is an accelerator as well as a place where all the stakeholders driving food innovation today can come together and discuss  global issues. We think innovation can really solve problems and the challenges that we face today. We have the solutions. Technology for the first time is able to solve so many problems and it’s important that people are conscientious about what they’re doing. By bringing all together we don’t just discuss these issues but we can also showcase the solutions and at the same time we can inform the public of why it’s important to continue to discover new ways to make the food system more sustainable. Our role is then to become an open platform in which everybody can share ideas, and we act as an aggregator as well.

Barack Obama gave his first speech since leaving office at this year’s Seeds&Chips. What impact did that have?

President Obama had a significant impact on Seeds&Chips. Definitely having someone of his stature and his credibility come to our event and discuss topics as climate change and food production and health and youth has really accelerated the process. We need leaders to take action. We all need to have a voice and we need someone to lead us in the right direction, and I think president Obama did exactly that.

What emerging innovations in food do you think will have the biggest impact on how we live?

There are so many innovations that can truly have a huge impact on how we live. For example precision farming: it can solve many problems, from the way we produce food and waste less and accelerate processes. But it also can help towards climate change and the reduction of wasted water. By being precise about things we can make sure that we don’t waste resources or for example disseminate fertilizers in the air. We can pinpoint the exact plant that needs to be treated in a precise manner. At the same time we have applications useful in terms of food security and food safety. Through artificial intelligence and big data we will be always more precise and be able to analyze data that can truly help us to make healthy and informed decisions. These are just a few of the innovations that I think truly are having the greatest impact but there are so many more.

Tell us about what people can expect from Seeds&Chips 2018.

We’ll have a variety of people attending, as usual. From innovators and problem solvers, to start uppers and corporate executives, R&D teams, investors, policy makers, governments and institutions, NGOs. We truly have a global network of organizations and corporations. We’ll have former Secretary of State John Kerry as one of our keynote speakers. At the same time, definitely we are also talking also to consumers to raise awareness to the problems.


Seed and Chips 2018 will be held from 7 to 10 May at the MiCo- Milano Congressi in Milan. Tickets are available now.

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