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Obama joins Milan’s food revolution

|4 April 2017|


The Italian city of Milan is at the heart of an international movement to build a truly sustainable food industry.

Next month’s Seed and Chips – the global food innovation summit – will draw international stakeholders to the stylish city to discuss all aspects of the food industry, with the focus very much on pioneering the ideas needed to deliver food security for all.

The growing importance of Milan as a driver for change was highlighted this week with news that former US President Barack Obama will be the keynote speaker.

“We are deeply honored that former US President Barack Obama will be visiting Milan for the first time to attend Seeds&Chips. This undoubtedly shines the spotlight on Milano, on Italy and on the journey that began with Expo 2015. Thanks to former President Obama’s participation in Seeds & Chips, the city of Milano once again plays the leading role in the creation of food policies at an international level. In 2015, Expo put Milano center stage. Today we have the responsibility of carrying this important legacy forward,” stated Marco Gualtieri, founder of Seeds&Chips. “It is essential to find solutions to tackle the major challenges linked to global population growth, food security, sustainability and to climate change. I believe that Milano and Italy can become an international reference point for innovation and research in this field,” Gualtieri concluded.

The event, which will attract hundreds of leading startups, food tech companies, investors, thought leaders and policymakers, will be held between 8-11 May.

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