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New York tests self-driving vehicles

New York is the latest major city to embrace self-driving vehicles.

Audi of America, the only car maker with permission to test driverless vehicles in New York state, demonstrated an automated vehicle near the state capitol yesterday. Members of the public and local government got to experience the technology firsthand.

The President of Audi of America, Scott Keogh said: “Audi, with the partnership of forward-thinking states like New York, are at the forefront of defining the future of transportation. That kind of innovation only happens with industry and government working hand-in-hand toward a shared goal of safer roads.”

The autonomous driving age may be in its infancy but there are significant developments taking place across the world.

A new driverless ‘early rider program’ was launched by self-driving tech company, Waymo, in Phoenix in April. And earlier in the year Nissan showcased its autonomous driving technology on the streets of London. While Volvo is running a project to trial 100 autonomous cars on Swedish roads this year. Volvo recruited a whole family, the Hain family, from Gothenburg in Sweden, who became the first people chosen to take part in a real-life autonomous drive research program using real cars, in real traffic.

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