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New tool will accelerate food innovation


A new search engine for professionals working in the food and drink industry is now online.

Developed by Reimagine Food – a popular global food innovation platform headquartered in Barcelona – SmartFoodS uses IBM Cloud technology to operate. It provides users with a variety of information, including the latest research, academic breakthroughs, trends and startup news relating to food technology innovations.

Talking about the discovery tool, Francesc Saldaña, Corporate Services Manager at Reimagine Food, said:“We have tried to bring innovation closer to the food sector and, to do so, we have monitored over 40,000 information sources. By building this discovery tool on the IBM Cloud, we have the ability to easily expand as the tool consumes more and more data, and as more and more people use it.”

Angel Moreu, Cloud Manager, IBM Spain, added: “Reimagine Food is using our cognitive and cloud services to innovate and improve food production, management and understanding and to help its clients reimagine the gastronomic world.”

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food | water

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