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New platform to ’empower innovators’

A new cloud-based platform released this week is set to simplify the research landscape for a number of industries.

PatSnap, a global Intellectual Property (IP) Analytics firm backed by Sequoia, has automated a range of time consuming tasks for research and development (R&D) teams with its scenario-based system, Playbooks. It provides speedy IP insight and data-driven answers to complex situations, such as Litigation Threat, Litigation History, and Patent Value.

“Each Playbook automates an existing process that R&D and legal teams are already spending extensive amounts of time and money into achieving. Playbooks will vastly reduce the time, resources and legal knowledge needed to inform their R&D decisions, and empower the innovators to access the analysis they need. We look forward to working closely with our customers to ensure that by using PatSnap, they can spend less time researching, and more time developing and commercialising their innovations,” said Dr Ali Hussein, product leader at PatSnap UK.

As we reported in July, PatSnap’s technology underpins some of the world’s most important innovation projects. Thousands of pioneering companies and institutions – including  NASAMIT, and PwC – routinely use the company’s AI and machine learning-led technologies to make decisions that can have multi-billion dollar implications.

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