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New meaning to fashion-conscious


Stella McCartney has announced she is partnering with the Fashion for Good initiative to help further advance the industry’s sustainability ambitions.

Walking the talk on creating sustainable fashion ecosystems are the hallmarks of both, and this new collaboration is good news for all those pushing for the adoption of circular innovations along the entire supply chain, and a wholesale transformation in clothes buying habits.


“We are constantly exploring innovative ways to become more sustainable, joining Fashion for Good helps us on this journey. Together we can spark and scale the next generation of circular technologies and help change the fashion industry,” said Stella McCartney.


Credit: Presstigieux

Fashion for Good is an international initiative backed by some of the biggest fashion brands. Based in Amsterdam, it runs accelerators and supports innovators to reshape the industry. From 5 October, at its Fashion for Good Experience in the Dutch capital, what is in effect an ‘interactive technology-driven museum’ which showcases the work and ideas of innovators disrupting the fashion industry, a ‘physical creation’ of the tie-up between Stella and Fashion for Good will be on display. It will ‘feature a dress that was designed by Stella McCartney and has been dyed by Colorifix,”. Read more about Fashion for Good – and Colorifix – in the biotech special edition we produced earlier this year.


“It’s great to see Stella McCartney is actively embracing new technologies from innovators from our programmes. This dress is an exciting example of what good fashion looks like,” added Katrin Ley, Managing Director at Fashion for Good.


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