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New Lisbon Forum plans to shake up the world of climate finance 

At the occasion of the K4I Forum New Year Reception 2024 in January we celebrated 15 years of the K4I Forum and presented Allied4Future (A4F), a global forum, driving a sustainable, circular, and inclusive future by tackling climate inaction and the climate financing gap.

For the event we produced a special Innovators Magazine titled “Shaping the Future – K4I Forum takes green road for future generations”, featuring the highlights of the K4I Forum in the European Parliament since 2009 as well as an introduction to Allied4Future and the inaugural World Future Forum event kicking off this September.

A printed copy of the Magazine has been handed over to our valued K4I members, partners, colleagues and friends from the European Parliament, the European Commission and the movers and shakers of the European Innovation Area.

“When I look back to where we started, it was the after days of the financial crisis, we were world leaders in fundamental science, but we were not as competitive as the United States,” said Lambert Van Nistelrooij, Honorary K4I Forum President. “That was the moment when we decided to launch the K4I Forum, the place for debate on the future of innovation in Europe. And we took everyone on board from member states, universities, applied science and from startups to get them in the bubble.”

Next stop, Lisbon

The World Future Forum from A4F, launching in Lisbon this September, will focus the eyes of the financial world on bridging the climate investment gap.

“I invite you all to join us in November at Taguspark – Knowledge City, in the outskirts of Lisbon. In a very beautiful place. We call ourselves the most civic park in Europe,” said Eduardo Baptista Correia, CEO at Taguspark – Knowledge City, where the Forum is being held. “It’s a beautiful place in a beautiful country to start once again thinking about the future, to start joining efforts for a better future to make sure we find new business, new startups, new business angels that might invest in new ideas, because we need to create a better future for the next generations.”

Innovators Magazine is a media partner of the World Future Forum, taking place on 4-6 of November at Taguspark – Knowledge City, Lisbon.


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The Knowledge4Innovation Forum in the European Parliament celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2024. The place for debate on the future of innovation in Europe, it is an open, independent, non-profit platform with a wide variety of stakeholders including regions, cities and universities, research organisations, trade organisations, think tanks, technology platforms, and companies of all sizes. Its activities mainly take place in the environment of the EU institutions, and the K4I Forum has a strong foothold and presence in the European Parliament. Within the activities of the K4I Forum in the European Parliament, supported by 40 MEPs, it has organised more than 500 debates and 15 successful European Innovation Summit events.


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