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New economic system on the rise


A major tech provider to the waste industry has announced it is backing efforts in America to advance the circular economy.

Headquartered in Ireland, AMCS operates internationally in servicing the needs of the waste and recycling industries. The company says it wants to work with others to foster collaborations that can accelerate the shift to a more circular economy.

As part of these efforts, AMCS announced this month it is joining the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Corporate Citizenship Center and Circular Economy & Sustainability program. An initiative designed to pull together relevant stakeholders from industry, academia and government to develop innovative strategies to support the circular economy.

AMCS President North America, Michael Winton said: “CCC and the Circular Economy and Sustainability program aligns with AMCS’s priority to make the world a cleaner place.  We are making a multi-faceted commitment to support the program with our resources and expertise. Technology and digital innovation is a critical enabler for many elements of the circular economy value chain to help these business models be successful in the U.S.”

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