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New €25M investment fund responds to startups in one week

It is a good news day for startups in central and eastern Europe (CEE) because they can now apply to a new multi-million euro investment fund that promises to evaluate their applications within a week.

“We’ve simplified our project submission form – that certainly distinguishes us from other funds.”

Dariusz Żuk, CEO of AIP Seed

More than 30 startups will be supported annually through the AIP Seed 2.0 early-stage investment fund that is targeting the most promising young companies from the CEE.

“Together with private co-investors, we want to allocate 25 million euro to the most interesting startups from CEE over the next three years,” says Dariusz Żuk, CEO of AIP Seed.  “We are eager to look at projects that have been pre-validated on the market. We invest up to €250k in early-stage startups, which often find it difficult to get funding due to the high risk profile.”

As well as investment, the Poland-based VC fund will give startups access to mentoring from a pool of investors and experts that are attached to the fund’s Competence Hubs.

Projects from CEE can be submitted to AIP Seed online.

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