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New driverless car service launched


Phoenix residents have the opportunity to be some of the first in the world to experience the transportation of the future – today.

People in the city can apply for the new ‘early rider program’ launched by self-driving tech company, Waymo.

“Over the course of this trial, we’ll be accepting hundreds of people with diverse backgrounds and transportation needs who want to ride in and give feedback about Waymo’s self-driving cars. Rather than offering people one or two rides, the goal of this program is to give participants access to our fleet every day, at any time, to go anywhere within an area that’s about twice the size of San Francisco,” blogged Waymo CEO, John Krafcik.

The family featured in the video are “among the very first people in the world to take part in Waymo’s early rider program,” Krafcik said.

Formerly the Google self-driving car project, Waymo is now an independent company.

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