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Enter Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge

EIT Food and GFI Europe have teamed up to launch the Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge.

Producing meat directly from cells instead of slaughtering animals is the essence of cultivated meat, with a study by CE Delft showing a shift to this means of production could ‘cut the climate impact by up to 92%, reduce air pollution by up to 93%, and use up to 95% less land and 78% less water compared with farming animals’.

The Innovation Challenge is specifically ‘seeking pioneering solutions to drive down the cost of cell culture media’ – critical to growing the cells.

“Up to four winners will each receive €100k to develop their solution,” the Challenge website says. “And applications submitted from any sector: academia, government, industry, start-ups, and nonprofits from across Europe will be considered.”

The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2022 at 12 am CET.

For more on the sector, catch up with Ahmed Khan, founder and editor of CellAgri, in conversation with Marc Buckley on Inside Ideas.

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