Nestlé has opened a new wind farm in Scotland.

The food and drink giant’s wind farm in Dumfries and Galloway developed in collaboration with energy business Community Windpower (CWP), has nine turbines. It will provide clean power for factories across Scotland, the UK and Ireland, while supplying the grid with additional energy, as today Nestle’s grid supplied electricity is 100% renewable.


“CWP’s long term partnership with Nestlé has delivered a substantial new investment in Scotland generating economic benefits, jobs and invaluable community contributions over the next 25 years,” said Rod Wood, Managing Director, CWP. “Scottish onshore wind is highly productive and Sanquhar will deliver over 45% capacity factor which will be supplied to the grid, thereby reducing fossil fuel generation. Global warming is becoming more obvious every day and it’s great to see a company as influential as Nestlé making a stand for the environment.”


It is just the latest renewable energy story coming out of Scotland. We did say earlier this week the country is pretty good at it.