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Neste nets circular gong

Finnish firm Neste is an international trailblazer when it comes to creatively raising awareness about the value of the circular economy.

The renewable diesel supplier will be collecting ham waste from 100,000 households in Finland this Christmas and converting it into clean fuel, a story that was reported on these pages earlier this month.

And the pioneering initiative, now in its second year, has bagged the company gold at this year’s European Excellence Awards (EEA) awards, which recognises the ‘best communications initiative in the energy industry’.

“The Ham Trick is being organized again this year so the best prize of all would be for as many people as possible to take part in this practical demonstration of circular economy. Last year was the Ham Trick was organized for the first time and all proceeds were donated to charity. That will be done this year also,” said Kaisa Lipponen, Director, Corporate Communications at Neste.

Neste loves its tricks. As well as the ham one, it also partnered with Fazer Bakery on the Doughnut Trick campaign in April – to turn oil used to fry the bakery’s doughnuts in to renewable diesel.

Amazing initiatives – and a big congratulation from everyone at Innovators Magazine for all the awards success.


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