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Neste celebrates 70th anniversary

Renewable fuel producer Neste celebrates its 70th birthday this year.

Over nearly three quarters of a century, the Finnish company has gone from an oil refiner to the ‘world’s largest producer of renewable diesel’. 

“We offer products and services that help in tackling the greatest challenge facing our world: climate change. At the heart of our success is our committed personnel, who are passionate about renewal, and about creating new and unique solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” explained President and CEO Matti Lievonen. “For these reasons, the theme of this 70th anniversary year is our defining theme: passion for renewal. We work together to ensure that Neste remains important to future generations as well.”

Its fuel – made from waste and residues – is used to power buses and trucks. Neste also launched a website last year to encourage the aviation industry to pursue a climate-friendly future.

It is also a world-leader when it comes to creatively communicating the importance and value of the circular economy.

Innovators Magazine regularly features the company’s efforts to advance its goals – and the team wants to say Happy anniversary to all at Neste.

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