|2 November 2016|

Hong Kong

The world’s first light-seeking synthetic Nanorobot has been developed 

Nanorobot technology has huge potential for transforming healthcare. It could help surgeons remove tumours or support the production of better targeted medicines.

Now a team of scientists led by Dr Jinyao Tang of the Department of Chemistry, the University of Hong Kong, has made a significant breakthrough by developing a nanorobot which uses light as its ‘propelling force’.

Dr Tang said: “Although the current nanorobot cannot be used for disease treatment yet, we are working on the next generation nanorobotic system which is more efficient and biocompatible.

“Light is a more effective option to communicate between microscopic world and macroscopic world. We can conceive that more complicated instructions can be sent to Nanorobots which provide scientists with a new tool to further develop more functions into Nanorobot and get us one step closer to daily life applications.”

The team’s findings were published last month in the scientific journal Nature Nanotechnology.