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Moonshots for Europe launch in Davos

An inspiring new book titled Moonshots for Europe & Desirable Futures – by Harald Neidhardt and the futur/io faculty – is being launched at Davos today.

The reception taking place alongside the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Switzerland is sold out. Our Editor-at-Large, Marc Buckley, is one of the book’s authors, and onepoint5media were editorial partners, sourcing the rock paper it is printed on. So we are delighted to see it released today and want to congratulate Futur/ioThe European Institute for Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures – on an amazing book. We will have all the details on our site soon on how to buy Moonshots for Europe. You can also sign up to our newsletter to get all the details straight to your inbox.

Harald Neidhardt


“Everyone can be a mentor for a Desirable Future, so show what you can to evoke change, time is elapsing. To achieve this, we must urge the leaders of Europe to create Moonshots, to work responsibly and in a spirit of collaboration, to shape futures we all want to live in,” Harold told Innovators Magazine.




While you’re here, check out Harald Neidhardt’s article in the last edition of Impact Innovators where he writes about Moonshots for Europe.


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