|2 September 2016|

A pioneering energy company is striving to revolutionise the power industry in rural India.

The award-winning Lark Energy has entered a competition sponsored by the UK government for funding to create a mobile version of its solar thermal system – capable of delivering renewable heat and power in rural India

Simone Perini, renewable energy development engineer at Lark Energy, said: “Solar steam has the potential to transform energy access in developing countries. In particular we are looking at delivering a mobile containerised energy system that is able to operate where the grid is unbalanced, unreliable or unavailable – like rural India.”

He added: “We are taking this technology to a wider market where we believe it will have a positive impact on the generation of sustainable and renewable energy.

“To show the global potential of the technology we have entered round four of the Energy Catalyst competition. We are collaborating with academic and commercial partners to deliver this project in India and we are also seeking to demonstrate the viability of this technology in other regions.