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Mixed reality to shake up teaching

|7 April 2017|


An award-winning provider of educational technology is piloting mixed reality in American classrooms using Microsoft HoloLens.

Lifelique uses virtual, augmented and mixed realities in its visual platforms in a bid to revolutionise how teachers and students interact with information.

And the HoloLens inspired classes were warmly received by a group of students in Seattle who used it in their science learning, with one 8th grade student saying “it was really realistic and it was really fun to experience”.

This type of response is in line with one study which shows a massive majority prefer this type of seeing and doing experience to simply listening – 85% to 15%. So this technology has the potential to massively increase engagement and improve learning outcomes.

“Mixed reality offers completely unique means to deliver educational content and we are excited to take another step forward in providing immersive learning experiences. The excitement we witnessed during the pilot shows us the great potential mixed reality has in sparking lightbulb moments. Microsoft is the second major tech company to start cooperating with Lifeliqe on content development. In 2016, Lifeliqe was chosen by HTC Vive as strategic partner for education,” said Ondrej Homola, Lifeliqe CEO.

Lorraine Bardeen, General Manager of Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Experiences added: “We are thrilled to work with Lifeliqe to pilot mixed reality curriculum in secondary education. 3D and mixed reality has amazing potential to improve learning comprehension, and we are excited to explore its possibilities in the classroom.”

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