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Mixed reality and medtech

Surgical operating room with equipment


An international leader in medtech is designing the operating rooms of the future using Microsoft’s HoloLens holographic software.

Stryker is complementing its ByDesign 3D design software with HoloLens allowing stakeholders to “envision the ideal operating room configuration with the power of holograms and the benefit of mixed reality”.

Traditional methods of design are complex, as the process requires people from different medical disciplines to come together in one place, with heavy equipment moved around to find the optimum layout for the competing groups.

Lorraine Bardeen General Manager, Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Experiences, blogged: “As you can see, through the mixed reality capabilities of HoloLens, a design can be created and adjusted without the need of a complicated mock operating room setup. Teams of surgeons can collaborate in a conference room, their office, or work with holograms, at full size and scale, in the actual operating room – no bulky equipment required, just a headset. This allows teams to move quickly from envisioning to execution, improving the operating room for surgeons, staff, and ultimately the patients they care for. Furthermore, the process benefits from the advantage of 3D. Stryker can break free of 2D limitations, making it easier for people to visualize a finished project, reduce design errors, save time, and allow facilities to open faster.”

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