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Mini grid system thinks outside the box


An award-winning Swiss startup is producing autonomous energy grid systems that can provide power to remote villages and towns.

Power-Blox has pioneered ‘plug and power’ technology using something called ‘Swarm Power’ which mimics nature to develop autonomous, scalable grid systems that can be used anywhere in the world. No expertise is required to operate it and the boxes can supply energy to schools, hospitals, towns and even festivals. The cubes are powered with either the solar unit provided or via an external renewables source. It can provide “AC power from 200W up to the Kilowatt range, which serves as a ‘portable socket’ to off grid energy demands,” the company says.

Winner of the UN National Energy Globe Award of Tanzania 2015, Power-Blox has been shortlisted for June’s InterSolar 2017 Award in Munich.

Here’s a Tedx talk by co-founder and Chairman, Armand Martin, which explains more about the ‘Swarm Power’ system.




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