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Micro-grids can energise communities


A new collaboration to develop off-grid renewable energy solutions for remote areas of Singapore – and island communities in Asia – is underway.

The initiative between ENGIE Lab1, Nanyang Technological University and Schneider Electric will be taken forward on Semakau Island (Singapore), home to the REIDS (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator in Singapore) project. It is the ideal site for the three to find ways of harnessing renewable energy technologies and storage systems to provide clean energy.

Micro-grids are seen as an answer for the thousands of islands detached from the grid system. And the agreement signed between the three industry stakeholders at the Innovation Forum, Biopolis (Singapore), last month, seeks to pioneer scalable solutions. They will work together on developing a micro-grid demonstrator.

Its innovations will include the “ability to start from both greenfield system and brownfield system through a plug and play approach” Schneider said and “a power control module allowing up to 100% intermittent renewable integration thanks to a cutting- edge technology of algorithms associated to virtual synchronous generator”.

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