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Melbourne to welcome Seeds&Chips

The world’s most influential food innovation summit series will be in Oz this September.

Seeds&Chips Australia will take place in Melbourne, as the platform, which holds its flagship event in Milan every May, takes to the road to promote industry actions and innovations that support the UN Global Goals. We have been media partners with the Milan edition for the past few years, and know it is one our readers are engaged with, so we want to alert you to the 50% early bird discount currently available for Melbourne, on from 3 to 5 September.

Speaking when the Melbourne event was first announced late last year, Marco GualtieriFounder & Chairman of Seeds&Chips said: “Food, technology, innovation, young people, sustainability, food security: these are just some of the themes that we’ll be working on throughout the Summit. We hope to champion these issues on a continent full of opportunity with an acute awareness of environmental issues and a strong innovation infrastructure. As such, I am particularly grateful to the Victorian Government, Food + Wine Victoria, Melbourne and Australia for their foresight and willingness to gather all that we have learned over the years as well as their recognition of the importance of the themes that we are advancing and the enormous economic opportunity that they represent.”

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