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Meat alternative wows world leaders


Leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos got a taste of the plant-based food revolution this week.

Silicon Valley’s Impossible Foods (IF) produces the Impossible Burger, which creates 87% fewer greenhouse gases and uses 75% less water than meat-based burgers. It has gained widespread popularity on the back of its authentic taste, as IF has developed a way to make soy leghemoglobin – which contains heme – a molecule found in all animals and plants, at scale.

And world leaders gathered for the Annual Meeting in Davos earlier this week experienced the product thanks to award-winning chef Traci Des Jardins, who oversaw ‘the preparation of 10 Impossible meals throughout the five-day meeting.

Her dishes included ‘Italian meatballs, gnocchi with bolognese sauce, Mexican tostadas, Thai larb, Vietnamese phở, French tartare, and of course, classic American hamburgers — all made with the Impossible Burger,” an IF blog revealed.

The plant-based food market is predicted to be a big trend in 2018. Read the Executive Director of the Good Food Institute, Bruce Friedrich’s take on the future of food in a recent article he wrote for Innovators Magazine.

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