|12 August 2016|

The rapid adoption of 3D printing by the manufacturing industry is helping drive a market which is predicted to be worth $35.4 billion in 2020, according to a new report.

The figure revealed in an update to the Worldwide Semiannual 3D Printing Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC) is more than double the revenues predicted for this year.

“Customer spending on 3D printing capabilities is following the market away from mass market consumer printers towards holistic solutions that enable higher-end – and more profitable – use cases,” said Christopher Chute, vice president, Customer Insights and Analysis. “As the market for printers, materials and services matures, IDC expects new 3D printing capabilities to enable a next-wave of customer innovation in discrete manufacturing, product design, and life sciences.”

And IDC says: “Manufacturing innovation has been the key driver behind the overall 3D printing market. Given the increased use of 3D printing for prototyping and parts production, it comes as no surprise that discrete manufacturing will continue to be the leading industry, generating 56% of worldwide 3D printing revenues in 2016.”