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Making magic happen in our soil

What if agriculture could be part of the solution instead of the problem? What if agriculture could restore nutrients in the soil, healing it and making it more efficient? What if we could all benefit from a holistic approach to agriculture? It sounds like utopia, but actually, this is Regenerative Agriculture.

I wrote previously that…

“Good food starts with good ingredients and good ingredients are the product of good resources. At the essence of each resource, there are three elements: soil, water and air. All life on Earth starts with soil: if soil is deficient in trace elements, water will be deficient too; if the soil cannot absorb carbon, the air is going to be less clean. These elements are strictly bound.” Whether we are interested in good food, fresh air or clean water, the soil is the answer!”

Let’s have a look at the people that are making magic happen in our soil – join me on Global Goal 15, in my Instagram journey through all 17.

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Passionate about food innovation and sustainability issues, Carlotta was the first to join the Magazine's Impact Comms Programme in 2018/19.


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