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Making computers from tech waste

Do you feel buying a computer is a common task? Think again. Every time you buy a new computer, you are getting hold of a small part of the world’s limited edition metals. When your laptop reaches its end of life, these elements are still perfectly reusable to create other products or even the same computer.

I talked with Steve Haskew, Strategic Commercial Manager at Circular Computing. With his team, Steve has been transforming tech waste into beautiful and performing computers for the past 25 years. The company’s sustainability efforts go even further: they designed educational learning modules to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability amongst school children. It hopes to inspire a behavioural change, from the child to the family, to the entire community. Moreover, Circular Computing also supports a Zambian community by asking women to take care of trees, planted to offset the emissions produced by refurbishing a computer, and of the beehives that have been hung on the trees. This allows women to have a profit stream and better provide and care for their children.

For more, check out the company’s website.

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Passionate about food innovation and sustainability issues, Carlotta was the first to join the Magazine's Impact Comms Programme in 2018/19.


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