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‘Make our planet green again’

A €1 million innovation challenge to find solutions for the waste generated annually by an average family is being launched tomorrow.

The FAMAE-led initiative wants to inspire solutions, in the form of products or schemes, which can reduce or recycle the two tons of waste, valued at €1100 – it says a family of four creates every year.

Eric Philippon, FAMAE president, said: “We fund bright inventors to help them create simple and innovative solutions which can substantially improve the lives of hundreds of millions of urban citizens while significantly alleviating their environmental footprint. Innovation Challenges help the emerging of disruptive solutions. Over the last 150 years, a trash bin has barely changed while the automotive industry has been through several quantum leaps.”

The challenge is mainly aimed at startups, SMEs, academics, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs.

Applications can be submitted from tomorrow, until 15 February, with nominees announced and an awards ceremony held, in May 2018.


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