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The man who flew around the world last year in a plane powered by solar energy is now on a mission to promote clean energy technologies to global leaders.

As a legacy of Bertrand Piccard’s epic 2016 adventure, with André Borschberg, on the Solar Impulse plane, the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions (World Alliance) platform has been launched. And Bertrand is collaborating with aligned organisations to ‘fast-track’ the adoption of sustainable solutions by showcasing accessible innovations to corporations and governments.

This week InnoEnergy, ‘Europe’s sustainable energy innovation engine supported by the EIT’, signed up to the Alliance at the opening day of its annual innovation event, The Business Booster (TBB).

“By bringing together the main actors involved in the fields of clean technologies and sustainability, our goal is to fast-track the implementation of solutions that are profitable to protect the environment. InnoEnergy has a rich network of partners and innovative technologies across Europe’s clean energy ecosystem, which we believe can add significant value to our efforts – and vice versa. This is a truly exciting collaboration that has the potential to accelerate our progress,” said Bertrand.

The two organisations will work together to spearhead a range of initiatives, including new industry events.

Diego Pavia, CEO of InnoEnergy, added: “InnoEnergy and the World Alliance share a common goal to reduce our environmental impact through innovation. When it comes to turning an idea into a commercial reality there are many moving parts, but by harnessing the combined power of our connections, this collaboration presents a truly win-win situation.

“The backdrop of this signing is particularly apt. With more than 160 clean-tech start-ups, innovations, investors and large energy industry players present, we are already creating the conditions for genuine change.”

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