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Luxury fashion and circularity

Stella McCartney is spearheading a new Earth Day campaign to raise awareness of the circular economy within the luxury fashion industry.

The fashion icon has featured a number of times on these pages for her commitment to accelerating the adoption of circular economy principles across the industry. She is collaborating with American biotech firm Bolt Threads to pioneer fibres made from renewable raw materials…

And now she is stepping up her partnership with luxury consignment company, The RealReal, with the new Future of Fashion is Circular campaign encouraging stakeholders to make well, buy well, resell; and calling on consumers to think about the goods they buy, promoting the purchase of products that retain their value and to resell them when no longer being used.


“At Stella McCartney we have been working for years to ensure that our supply chains represent some of the most traceable and sustainable in fashion while also continuing to ensure that our products, which are made to last, have long lives and never end up as waste.  This campaign is about raising the awareness on a circular approach to fashion. We alongside The ReaReal are making the commitment now and we can only hope that others will follow,” said Stella McCartney.


The campaign benefits for consumers include $100 to shop at Stella McCartney for Stella items consigned on The RealReal. And the need to create a sustainable fashion industry is pressing, as in America alone, 85% of apparel ends up in landfill.

Stella McCartney also announced today she is joining forces with Colorfix – a company pioneering sustainable textile dyeing, and one we featured in our biotech special earlier this year.

Earth Day takes place on 22 April. With the Fashion Revolution Week initiative getting underway the following day, a project designed to support the sustainability ambitions of the industry.

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