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L’Oréal eyes circular packaging


L’Oréal has entered a partnership agreement to advance plastic packaging that follows circular economy principles.

Its collaboration deal with Carbios will utilise bio-recycling technology developed by the green chemistry company, with the five-year tie-up set to bring it to market on an industrial scale. The biological process breaks down the plastic into its basic parts to be reused, creating a closed-loop system.

L’Oréal has been committed to an ambitious sustainable packaging programme for several years now. We currently use up to 100% recycled plastic for several different products. We’ve decided to go even further: with this innovative Carbios technology, L’Oréal is helping to make bio-recycling available on an industrial scale. It’s a wonderful opportunity to protect the environment, and this consortium will also help boost the circular economy,” said  Philippe Thuvien, L’Oréal Packaging & Development Vice-President.

It is the latest commitment to sustainability from the French giant, which earlier this year saw two of its products achieve the gold standard in circular economy accreditation.

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