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4YFN Barcelona 2019 has a great lineup this year. We are media partners with the event, on from 25 to 27 February, which is part of Mobile World Congress. And we want to tell readers about the latest list of high-level speakers that have been announced:

  • Mitchell Baker – Chairwoman, Mozilla
  • Omar Khan – CPO, Magic Leap
  • Charlotte Hogg – CEO, VISA Europe
  • Nicola Mendelsohn, CBE – VP for EMEA, Facebook
  • Martin Casado – General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Dr. Wanli Min – Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist,Alibaba Cloud
  • Jens Riegelsberger – UX Director, Google
  • Bracken Darrell – CEO, Logitech
  • Horacio Martos – CEO, SocialPoint
  • Juan Margenat – Co-founder, Marfeel
  • Laura Urquizu – CEO and Partners, Red Points

The list of full headline speakers is available here, and the speaker here. When booking your tickets, get 20% off using code: GO4YFN20

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